Windows error "Data or no disk loaded" with audio CD

Bad or non audio CD is inserted

Make sure the CD you have currently in the computer is not bad or being misread by the computer by inserting another known good audio CD into the computer.

If another audio CD works correctly, the CD may be dirty. For steps on properly cleaning a CD, see our cleaning page.

MCI CD audio driver not installed or is corrupt

If no audio CD is working in the computer but other CDs work fine, it is likely that the MCI CD audio driver is not installed or is corrupt on the computer.

To reinstall or install the MCI CD audio drivers follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Double-click on Multimedia
  3. Click the Advanced tab or Device tab.
  4. Double-click Media Control Devices.
  5. Double-click CD Audio Device (Media Control).
  6. If this device is present and no audio CDs are working, click remove on the general tab in CD Audio Device (Media Control) properties.
  7. Close out of all open Windows to get back to the Control panel.
  8. In Control panel double-click Add New Hardware.
  9. Click Next, select No, click Next -- In the box listing the available hardware, select Sound Video and Game controllers and click Next.
  10. In the Manufacturers box select Microsoft MCI.
  11. In the Models box select CD Audio Device (Media Control).
  12. Click Next and Finish.
  13. Once Windows has completed the installation of the new device, reboot the computer.

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